Motorcycle Courses

  • All training is conducted in a friendly, professional manner, using the latest up to date, bike-to-bike communication system.
  • All training is done on a strictly ONE-TO-ONE basis. This ensures you of the instructor’s full, undivided attention, thus enhancing your safety and giving you full value for money.
  • We supply a modern, well-maintained fleet of motorcycles for training (if required), which can also be rented to you for driving tests.
  • Also available is a range of top quality, safety approved, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), i.e. helmets, jackets, pants, gloves and Hi-viz ‘L’ vests, for your protection and comfort.

Initial Basic Training (IBT)

Initial Basic Training (IBT) is a training course for learner motorcyclists. It gives new riders a strong foundation of training, upon which they can build their knowledge and skills.

IBT is a minimum of 16 or 18 hours a course, depending on age and license category (AM and A1 are 16 hours. A2 and A are 18 hours). Each course is broken down into separate modules. The modules are a mixture of theory and practical riding skills. Before you can legally ride a motorcycle on the public road, you must complete IBT.

We offer training on a one to one basis, thus ensuring a high standard of instruction, increasing your safety, knowledge, and skills. Motorbikes and PPE are also provided for each category, as required.

Pre Test

This course is designed to get riders up to the standard required to pass the Dept of Transport driving test. We cover all aspects of riding, to build on skills learned during IBT.

We offer pre-test training for Limerick, Mallow and Tipperary Town test centres.

Bike hire and all PPE available for your test, BUT we only hire bikes to people we have trained.

Back To Biking / Upskilling

If you are returning to biking after a prolonged period, or maybe you never had training, Limerick Biking School can teach you the skills to enhance your enjoyment and safety. This could be in any aspect of riding such as slow speed control, positioning, cornering and much more.

If you need help or advice in any aspect of riding give us a call.


Whether you have passed your test or wish to enhance your skills, consideration should be given to this course. The current driving test takes place in daylight, in an urban environment mostly within the 50 km and 60 km speed zones.

You may have moved onto a larger, more powerful machine. Perhaps you have never received formal training or instruction. You may never have driven on fast sections of national roadways, dual carriageways, twisty rural roads, at night or in the rain. You may never have ridden with a passenger or learned to corner or overtake safely.

This course will help you deal with all of the above, thus advancing your skills level and riding techniques, to make you a safer and more confident rider.

Advanced Training

You may have passed your driving test and are now considering doing an Advanced test or maybe you just want to bring your riding skills to a “new level”. Advanced training will make you a safer, more confident and competent rider.

In this course, we look at all aspects of riding in great detail. Using “The Police System of Motorcycle Control” we enhance machine control, observation, reaction to hazards, thus creating a systematic approach to everyday obstacles and situations.

By the end, you will have a much deeper knowledge of riding and how you and your motorbike will react to different terrain and weather conditions, and how best to deal with everyday events.

This course is often used to achieve an IAM or RoSPA Advanced Rider Certificate. These are the highest award available to a civilian rider. These certificates can greatly reduce your insurance premiums.