Limerick Biking School

IBT Limerick

IBT Training Limerick

with an approved driving instructor, Donal Sheedy

Welcome to Limerick Biking School

Welcome to Limerick Biking School, Limerick’s original & dedicated motorcycle training school. Limerick Biking School is an approved IBT (Initial Basic Training) provider. We provide a fully approved, off-road compound, so you can begin your training in a safe, secure area – prior to moving onto the public roadway.

  • We offer a full range of courses, from the Complete Beginner (IBT), Pre-test, Back-to-Biking, Refresher & Advanced.
  • All training is conducted in a friendly, professional manner, using the latest up to date, bike-to-bike communication system.
  • All training is done on a strictly one-to-one basis. This ensures you of the instructor’s full, undivided attention, thus enhancing your safety and giving you full value for money.
  • We supply a modern, well-maintained fleet of motorcycles for training (if required), which can also be rented to you for driving tests.
  • Also available is a range of top quality, safety approved, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), i.e. helmets, jackets, pants, gloves and Hi-viz ‘L’ vests, for your protection and comfort.